French suite edited by PIGNALOSA NAPOLI in Napoli without joker. In France, the "fool " or joker officially appeared in card games in 1902, the Camoin houses as well as Fossorier, Amar et Cie2, card manufacturers, obtaining authorization from the Administration to add a joker( le fou ).Edoardo Pignalosa, Rampe Brancaccio 76, Napoli  is linked to one of the most famous families of playing card printers in Naples; work undertaken by grandfather Luigi in 1870 and carried on by his children and grandchildren until 1979 .the French-suited, single-figured, large-format Florentine pattern has several distinctive features. The courts are realistically drawn without formalised style, and are dressed in Renaissance costume.

size 19 x 17 , good condition , fresh color , possibly original printing since newer paper tend to get yellow and brittle due to the oxidation of the wood pulp wood. Suitable for framing .


Uncut sheet playing card French suite PIGNALOSA NAPOLI