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About Us

"Our pieces speak directly to those who eschew items of mass-production in favor of those imbued with history and meaning. our mission is about satisfying this human craving for authenticity"

Jean Camille Bianic, owner, Style French Antiques


Style French owner Jean Camille Bianic moved from his cold and icy water front French town, Le Havre,  to chase the California dream and landed in warm and sunny Los Angeles back in the 80’s.  Formally trained at “Le Beaux Arts” with a master in communications he received his doctorate in the “school of life” after spending 10 years traveling the globe before settling in LA.  He expresses his artistic sensibilities by bringing soulful objects and furniture pieces back to life

He is especially drawn to the timeless Art Deco style, terrestrial globes and French Industrial lighting.  His keen eye for substance and soul leads him to the most unique items and restores and even re-designs them with his own unique touches while maintaining the integrity of each piece.  Though copies and reproductions have become commonplace these days, the fact is, when you are in the presence of one of his items, your intuition tells you they are the “real deal”.  His style is truly timeless and speaks to the “collected look” that has become popular in the design world proving that people are craving to be in the presence, not of mass produced items, regardless of their design,  but for pieces with history and meaning. To have items like this in your home is a human need and is very satisfying.  This is what Jean Camille’s mission is all about.

 A true entrepreneur, he believes in sustainability and working smart,  doing much of the work with his own two hands, his artful eye and his big warm heart.  His pride, his sweat,( literally),  his love and attention go into every piece. 

From having a store on Robertson and Melrose in Beverly Hills to a Co-op space with other French artists and collectors, he now finds himself in a “live workspace” he has created.  His remodeled craftsman home, ( yes, he did it himself), is perched atop a hill in a non-pretentious Los Angeles neighborhood, his front yard/ lush cactus garden, also his creation and a with a view of the Hollywood sign from the front door.  Aside from his on-going passion for his work and recent buying trip to France, his priorities have become raising teenagers, quality time with family and his life partner, Maryanne Reall.

Maryanne, A seasoned sales and marketing executive from the furniture and interior design industries with exquisite taste of all things beautiful and French, but of course, is also a jazz singer and concert producer.  His “muse, she has brought love, femininity and music to the picture for Jean Camille.

The combined passions of these two love birds, newlyweds, in fact, has created some delightful new avenues for Style French. These take form as both a “Le Femme” arm of objet de charme curated by Maryanne, and as a Salon de Jazz intimate concert venue, which is actually their living room transformed, furniture and décor ala Style French Antiques.

Thus, a new arm of Style French is born, adding a feminine touch to our product offerings and a new way to connect with our clients with soulful heartfelt live music events in an atmosphere with inspiring décor and ambiance.

What’s next?

Now back from their honeymoon and most recent buying trip, they are ready to celebrate with a gathering to inspire and delight the senses Sunday eve, October 1.  The event will take place at an historic craftsman home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. Expect the unexpected, there will be delectable bites and refreshments and “First Look” at Container pieces just arrived from France, a live concert ala Jazz Chanteuse Maryanne with her Jazz trio, plus other surprises!


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