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My mission statement is to bring beauty and soulfulness to my customer so they can connect with them self and soothe their mind from the stress of modern living.


Being raised in an harbor on the north coast of France which is a cold place  I desired exploring the world early on , specifically to live in a country with sun shine and palm tree , after many detour I settle in California , land of contrast where the commerce meet the spiritual.


I was formerly trained as an artist   at the French art school " les beaux arts " with a master on communication. After 10 years earning a living in commercial art in Toulouse , Casablanca  Paris , Italy ,Martinique and   finally Los Angeles   I decided to reconnect with the past by importing French Antiques to the US .It gave me the opportunity to appreciate the cultural, heritage during my buying trip.

It was a way to reflect on what is important in life in my view  , having  time to create a home with my loved one become the focus of my  quest.

 The point of acquiring antique is to provide a link to our past  , those pieces testify of the human spirit and the need for beauty and meaning.

Those have function and design related to a life better lived , when everything took longer to be done with better care .

 Their Crafmanship are our legacy ,  it connect us to our own creativity , their soul is speaking to us , being lost in fad and quick change we need something to hanker us in what it means to be human , not just consuming commodity.


I always choose object and furniture which can be used in a practical way , it is not to set a stage but a living experience where one can live , laugh , love , feel and create.

As one become accustomed to those pieces  the appreciation for them create a soothing and rewarding experience of belonging.


A well designed  industrial  Jumo lamp from 1940 will make a desk more inventing ,  a club chair in parched leather a living room warmer .

I first choose the piece for their visual impact , good design and uniqueness , finding an interesting chair or sideboard is always exiting , I have a passion with finding  connection and historical fact about them , learning about a designer or maker , lately I have been looking at Henry Perrichon a jewelry maker who costumed hand every piece in the 1950's .


In an age of rapid change and consumerism it is also a good thing to bring more sustainability with antique which are free of chemical ,  save tree and resource and avoid future littering.

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