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Spanish modernist lamp  made in the 1960's, by Fase a  Spanish company ,   one of them was featured in Don Draper 's office in the show Madmen .This one is  referred on line as " boomerang  ".The luminaire  manufacturer Fase was founded in Madrid in 1964 by industrial designer Pedro  Martín. Martín sold his independently produced lamps to retailers  before  successfully opening a factory in Torrejón de Ardoz on the outskirts of Madrid.  In the 1970s, Fase is a key player in the manufacturing sector and contributes  to a difficult economy tinged with oil shocks and a turbulent democratic  transition. Fase sells lighting fixtures for more than three decades to 32  countries; its largest markets are in the United Kingdom, France, Italy,  Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Canada and the United States. Despite  Fase's commercial success, the information available about the company and its  history is scarce and often contradictory .Fase closed in the 1980's leaving the legacy of a line of elegant and unique desk lamp.

Size H.18 , globe 13 , rewired  , good antique condition , there is some scratches from normal use , the color is a shade of different  gold and beige 

I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 if you want more info , for shipping outside the US please contact me for pricing and condition


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