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This exquisite cotton tapestry, crafted in France during the 1950s, embodies the democratic spirit of the time, as it aimed to make art accessible to everyone. Inspired by the Neo-Fantastic and Art Nouveau movements, the Lurcat tapestry showcases a blend of decorative motifs and mythical scenes using the language of natural symbols, such as the sun, animals, and musical instruments. This particular piece, with its theme of a school of fish among algae, is a true testament to Jean Lurcat's mastery of Aubusson tapestry. He created over 800 original tapestries throughout his lifetime and this Corot edition, signed by Lurcat and numbered 16, is a testament to his legacy.

For those interested in acquiring this piece, please feel free to reach out to us at 310 994 6009. For international shipping, we can provide a personalized quote based on your location. Measuring 42 in x 75 in, this tapestry is in excellent condition with vibrant colors.

School of Fish -Aquarium Lurcat silkscreen tapestry Aubusson

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