French Art vase made in the 1920's unsigned , it could be part of the LORAINE series , it is more than just melted glass as it was a revolutionary design in the 1920's which open the doors for Murano and Sabino , the production of Lorraine was scarce compared to higher priced company like Lallique still in production today.

More about Lorraine :Art glass produced by Daum, either at the Lorrain glassworks or another one they called "Verreries de Belle-Etoile" was signed either "P.d'Avesn" or "Lorraine" or "Val" (company initials), or "Verreries de Belle-Etoile" (if it came from the other factory). Pierre D'Avesn stayed with Daum until they closed their Lorraine factory in 1932 due to the slump in the US market and the impact on art glass sales caused by the depression.

H.12 in x D. 7 in ( larger )  x base D.7 

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French art deco Vase glassware Muller Verlys Daum D'Avesn unsigned