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French modernist  desk  lamp  made in the 1970's   by Jumo ,  an important lamp making company from France .The lamp Jumo first introduced as task lamp for  industrial office use became widely use in France from the 1940's until the  1970's, there are more than 45 models .Created at Bagnolet France the name is an  assemblage of the creator names , Yves JUjeau , Pierre and Andre MOnique .While  many attribution have been made very little is known about who designed them ,  all of them display an interesting modernist approach with some touch of  classicism .Perriand , Grey  and Adnet have been  attributed the creation of some of those light , there is a as of now no real  proof of it.  Stripping the old paint  expose the patina of the  steel and different metal , those metal  are usually alloy steel  superior in  quality to the recycled metal used in mass produced duplicate and  recent lamp.  After being  polished their variation of tone from the mark of use and passing  of time create a  warm effect and  a connection to the authentic . This model   is a late production adapting the articulation  system to the design of the 1970's .Note that it a pair which can be difficult  to be found .

Size H.22 to 24 depending on angle , Aluminum globe 8x8  , good antique  condition ,there is some scratches and nick from normal use , no oxidation ,  globe  stripped metal ready to be chromed if desired , rewired with  American socket 


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