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French modernist set of six chairs  in the style of Maxime Old

Set  of 6 chairs created in 1947 in the manner of  Maxime Old  , built with solid oak , its style finds its  roots before WW2 but become dominant between 1945 and 1955. Rene Gabriel who  was also a member of the UAM ( union des artist modernes ) with Charlotte  Perriand and Prouve stood apart from classical approach of the Art Deco  movement. This set was found in Le Havre which was a hot bed of creation for  Gabriel and Old during the reconstruction after the war damage ( 1947-1962)   . Old was a mentor for a lot of young designer like Guariche , Motte , Dangles ,  Paulin in their understanding of the social implication of the UAM movement ( Le  Corbusier and Mallet-Steven founder)

Cushion ready to be customed ou use as is  ( I can facilitate this project ) 
18"W X 17"D X 36"H recently refininished 
45.75cm W X 43.25cm D X 91.5cm H

French modernist set of six chairs in the style of Maxime Old

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