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Barbie du Bocage dissected  Atlas puzzle Maison Basset 19th Century box set
  Jean Denis Barbie du Bocage  ( pronounced barbier with an accent on the E)(1760 - 1825) and his son  Jean-Guillaume Barbie du Bocage (1795 - 1848) were French cartographers and  cosmographers active in Paris during late 18th and early 19th centuries. The  elder Barbie du Bocage, Jean Denis, was trained as a cartographer and engraver  in the workshops of mapmaking legend J. B. B. d'Anville. Although John Spilsbury  is commonly credited with creating the first dissected map around the mid-1760s,  there are disputing pieces of evidence against those claims , a rare book  librarian and researcher discovered earlier references to dissected maps made by  Madame de Beaumont, a French educator and author.

Puzzle (dissected illustration ) became very popular by the mid 19th has a great  way to educate and entertained .It is edited by Bouasse -Lebel , a company  specialized in religious artifact , from an Atlas created by Basset .

I place the date of publication to the early 1860 , Africa is mostly unexplored  , the great lake still unnamed by the modern English and American explorer ,  Alaska is present soit is post Gadsden Purchase configuration , Argentine still  Republic de La Plata.

Each plate 14.1/4 x 10.1/4 inches , box 2.1/4 w. Good condition each plate  complete . Covered with a plastic wraping for protection ( some reflection  from flash visible ) 

World Map In Two Hemispheres; Map Of Europe; Map Of Africa; Asia; Map Of North  America; Map Of South America; Oceania Maps.  Hand colored

Barbie du Bocage dissected  Atlas puzzle Maison Basset 19th Century box set

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