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Jean-Baptiste  Poirson is an engineer-geographer and cartographer. Born in Vrécourt (Vosges) on  March 6, 1761, he studied mathematics, geography and followed an engineering  career. Under the direction then as collaborator of the famous geographer Edme  Mentelle (1730-1815), he draws numerous maps and elaborates celestial and  terrestrial globes, drawn and painted by hand. His first realization identified  as such dates from 1790. This map is an early example of his work ,It differs  from previous cartographic representations by a concern for harmony and  precision. His work reflects the physical, hydrographic, geological,  topographical, road, territorial, administrative and statistical geography .It  is really a "modern cartography  " with a concern for practicality . The  editor and printer is Basset Paris print publisher, printseller and wallpaper  manufacturer7. Premises at the corner of rue St Jacques and rue des Mathurins.  Very active during the revolutionary period. Retired in 1819 .

26.5 x  20  inches cooper plate engraving with hand coloring , Good condition;  light toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks .

Large Antique French map GERMAN EMPIRE 1792 colored by POIRSON engraver Basset

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