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Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville (1697-1782) was one of the foremost French geographers of the eighteenth century. He carried out rigorous research in order to create his maps, which greatly developed the technical proficiency of mapmaking during his lifetime. His style was also simpler and less ornate than that of many of his predecessors. It was widely adopted by his contemporaries and successors. The research d'Anville conducted for this map included working closely with the Portuguese ambassador Don Luis da Cunha, in order to produce a map that would serve as a basis for the ongoing negotiations of the Madrid's Treaty. In addition to collate it with a current map, to observe concordances and dissonances, two other comparisons are made: one with the resulting map of La Condamine's expedition, drawn by D'Anville (1744), and the other with the so-called Mapa das Cortes, produced in Lisbon under the auspices of Alexandre de Gusmão, which was the map effectively used to support the negotiations of this Treaty of 1750 that made the division of South America .This map has an historical importance being the reference used by the power of the time. There is politic even in map making .It is a full set mounted on a linen back for easy consultation .While not rare a full set in good condition is scarce .The 3 map are mounted on linen but could be reframed as one piece .

H 31.87 x 20.4 inches each map .Condition report: Good condition; light toning and occasional faint age spots; some marginal handling marks . I guaranty my Antiques to be original, feel free to contact me directly

Large Antique French 1748 D'anville Map of South America in a set of 3

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