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French modernist bottle  holder made in the 1950's  by Mathieu Mategot , it is made with  his trademark bent  metal rigitulle adding whimsical  effect .He designed furniture and object for  a short time , in 1960 he went back to painting and tapestry  work .He was with Prouvé, Perriand, Royère, Adnet, and the ceramist Georges  Jouve in development of various projects, one of the most renowned French  designers of this time.  This piece is made with his trademark perforated sheet  metal or "rigitulle" which he invented and used  from 1953 to 1959. It was  protected by a patented copyright so there is no copy or look alike .Mategot was unique in his approach to design blending classical form with more modern style 

FRENCH-MODERNIST-TROLLEY-MATEGOT Mid-century serving table rigitulle 2

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