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Made in the late 1950's or early 1960's this rolling cart simple proportion make this piece a perfect example of sleek French modernism by Mathieu Mategot , it is made with  his trademark perforated and enameled steel construction or rigitulle in French .It is to be noted that the use of ritigulle  was patented and protected by Mategot .He has been noted for his whimsical solution and design .It has been strip to expose the craftsmanship , the metal is hand wrought with high quality iron , this piece bring a nice mix of modernism with a enough whimsicality to make it soulful. Even the wheel caster are well designed .

H.28 x L.21 3/4 x W.19 3/4 I take credit card  over the phone or PayPal.I guaranty my Antiques to be original, shipping will be done by truck or UPS depending on size. You can call me at the store 310 994 6009.CAUTION : I sell antiques so expect a normal tear and wear to show even if all my pieces are refinished and considered in perfect antique condition .Californian resident to pay sale tax.


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