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Solere is a French designer part of the 1950 modernist movement mostly known for creating task Lamp , like Doumecq who designed the Jielde lamp Solere designed ingenious and stylish " neo modern " light bringing classic and modern together .Today it has a feel of " old modern " with a nostalgic touch .This model has a long arm extending from 24 to 36 .Stripping the old paint  expose the patina of the  steel and different metal , those metal  are usually alloy steel  superior in  quality to the recycled metal used in mass produced duplicate and  recent lamp.  After being  polished their variation of tone from the mark of use and passing  of time create a  warm effect and  a connection to the authentic

H.24 to 36 fully extended , globe D.5.5 good antique condition  , small dent on globe , light scratch on  metal 

French-modernist-mid-century-industrial-task-lamp-Ferdinand-Solere French-mode

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