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Pair of armchair created  for Steiner  , an important innovative company  during the  1930's to the 1970's , this pair is from the late 1960's when the form stated to be softer ,  France was  done with the war damage so the atmosphere became more playful  . Steiner , who was an editor created their own version inspired by Michel  Castedin  " Karate " fauteuil edited by Airborne , Michel Castedin was  himself  inspired by Colombo who designed the armchair Elda. Knoll France , a  distinct company from Knoll international participated in this project as the  fabric imprinted with the Knoll shows , underneath there is the Steiner metal  plate label .I did not yet found who was the designer who put it together ,  clearly a  creative move  from Steiner in order to compete with  Airborne and Minvielle.

Size H. 36 x W.36x  L.36 , the size are included in a square which create a pleasing look. Good antique condition with  some normal use


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