French modernist  lamps  made in the 1950's designed by Alphonse  Pinoit who created the company  KI-E-KLAIR ( meaning the 'illuminated'), It  was designed for and commonly used throughout the 1940s to 1960s in garment  factories , garage , architect office and industrial setting. The lampshade  model no. 210 in polished aluminium was used in Jean Prouve design studios as  the first choice for the celebrated French industrial designer .This pair   could be used as sconces  in a bedroom or in a living room , since the  mounting could be adapted to a wall mount .The Kli-e-Klaire lamp became  a popular choice for architects and designers where its versatility and  flexibility could be used on the drawing tables. The lamp can be easily tilted  and has full 360 rotation. The clamps make it easy to move and re-sit. It's  height can be easily adjusted from its minimal height of 50 cm to a maximum  height of 80 cm .The last picture is the studio of Jean Prouve .

Size  H.around 50 fully extended including the globe  rewired with clothe  wire  , good antique  condition