Made in France in the 1950 this silkscreen tapestry reflect the democratic desire of that time to produce affordable art . Neo fantastic and influence by the cubist movement Jean Lurcat tapestry use the vocabulary of natural symbol like the sun , animal and musical instrument , mixing decorative subject with mythological scene . Jean Lurcat was a great master of Aubusson tapestry, which has produced over four hundred original tapestries in his lifetime , his fantastic inspiration revived an almost religious experience of nature using traditional medium like tapestry which enabled him to produce limited batch production to enhance everyday people surrounding. Corot was a printing and editing company , going back to the 19th century , one of their specially was to create limited edition in cooperation with the artist .This tapestry is the sun and rain , summer winter duality .

Size 44 x49 , actual art work size white border not included


FRENCH hand silkscreen TAPESTRY JEAN Lurcat MODERNIST COROT sun and rain

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