French Copernican armillary sphere, made of brass , other metals ,paper and wood  raised on an ebonized wood stand. It has various representations of the sun, the earth and moon,  7  planets (  after 1846 since Uranus is   included ) , there is 6 planets in the  original Copernicus system. It was produced by Felix Delamarche in collaboration with Charles Dien , a french astronomer and cosmographer Charles Dien published detailed atlases, works on astronomy, and both celestial and terrestrial globes in Paris throughout the 1840's and 1850's. The mounting is characteristic of the Delamarche production  of the early XIX , the mecanism of  planetary system is also clearly fron Dien "s design.The Sun is represented by a sphere in polished brass and each planet is materialized by a movable brass armilla at the end of which is fixed a cardboard disc covered with printed indicating the characteristics of each planet (name, drawing and period of revolution). The armillas appear, starting from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Moon (the latter two in spherical form), Mars,  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

H.22 in  x D. 14 in , cleaned , good conditiuon , the moving mecanisn around the sun is in working condition , unusual in its form from the other Delamarche piece.

French Copernican Armillary Sphere Brass Charles Dien 1840