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The Fase company was founded by the self-made Pedro Martin Garcia and designer Luis Perez de la Oliva in 1964. The Boomerang lamp was one of their first designs. Initially they sold their lamps to the markets in and around Madrid before successfully opening a factory in Torreijon de Ardoz in the outskirts of the city. They mainly produced lamps, but also ahstrays and other office products. Fase supplied many lamps to the offices of General Franco's dictatorial government, as well as the Guardia Civil. From 1975 on, after the death of Franco and the end of his regime, Fase started utilizing Italian Modernism and Bauhaus designs; foreign influences previously unallowed under Franco. Throughout the 70's, Fase exported lamps to more than 32 countries. In the 80's, Fase jumped on the bandwagon of halogen lighting. The break with tradition proved unsuccessful and ultimately contributed to the end of the business, and the company was officially dissolved in 1996. 


Intense 1980s design, Halogen lamp, large swivel arm.


Size 38 x 42 fully extended, Lamp 5 1/2 x 3, good condition, requires Halogen bulbs. 


For questions or concerns please contact Jean, at 310 994 6009, or at


FASE - 1980's Spanish Halogen Desk Lamp

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