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Large engraving of Paris and its surrounding area  dated 1812  , cooper engraving in the manner of the Turgot map ,Jean Pierre printer , a Paris, chez Jean, Rue St Jean de Beauvais, N° 10,

It is the Paris of Napoleon  I  in full glory  , with all of the building and monument built during this turbulent time starting with the french revolution of 1789 to the abdication  of Napoleon in 1815 .

Arc de triumph is not yet built , this  monument was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806 on the orders of Napoleon, and inaugurated in 1836 for the sixth anniversary of the Three Glorious.

The Champ-de-Mars was  used as a public space to celebrate republican victories, and became a symbol of the French Republic, which disappeared once the French monarchy made its comeback .

The " quartier latin " is where most of the printing , editing and cultural event were tasking place , this print is  coming from one of the many shop located there ( see last picture of the street ) .

A Paris, chez Jean, Rue St Jean de Beauvais, N° 10, Jean Pierre ( 1754-1829) was a engraveur , publisher , printer , seller and map maker during the late 18th to the early 19th century.

H.22  x W. 32 , suitable for framing , some light oxidation , good condition over all , some  separation of the   border ( reinforced with archival tape ) .

feel free to reach me at the 310 994 6009 for question .

1812 large French map of Paris plan routier de la Ville et faubourg

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