This is Dheulland's historical view of Paris, a fascinating mid-18th century piece showing the city as it stood during the reign of Charles IX, that is, sometime between 1560 and 1574. Published in Paris in 1766, this map reflects upon the Medieval layout of the great city of Paris, based on an early post-medieval wall hanging in the Abbey of Saint-Victor.

Here is the translation of the first part of the text in old French: 

.....This ancient plan of Paris that we give is faitfully  copied from an engraved plan in the Library of St. Victor that we believe to be unique. The Dons of Saint Victor, in sight of the public good, have not wanted to be the only owners of this plan and have joyfully consented  to have it copied. This plan is also the same that is represented on a tapestry that was formerly owned by the House of Guyse, of which the City recently made acquisition under the Prevost of Mr. Turgot......

Guillaume Dheulland was a French master engraver and draughtsman was most known for his large Plan of Paris in 1756. He also engraved for famous cartographers such as Charlevoix, Bellin, Cassini and Prevost.

This is the second edition, after adding the name of the engraver and the date of the first edition: "Dheulland Delin. et sculp. 1756" (Ref: Jean BOUTIER, Les plans de Paris, n°254, p .287). there is another date on the right size  1766.

Size H 31 in x L.41 , original  hand water coloring , some oxidation of the paper but overall in good antique condition .

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Engraving of Guillaume DHEULLAND Plan de la Ville de Paris 1756