This 12 inches French globe has "Lebegue and Cie " on its tag , Paris (J.  LEBEGUE & CIE / EDITES. / 30, rue de Lille, / PARIS).  They also come as J. L & C for the smaller size,  this company  was a School supply company at the turn of the 19th. century. Wood base  with brass orb  ,the  globe is plastered  ball with  12 colored lithographed paper gores, political  boundaries colored in outline, showing railway , track , telegraph cable route , steamship navigation tracks  ocean currents  and   floating algae  .There is the name of the native American tribes on the US territory . Overall fresh color . I check the country  to be sure of date : there is not yet the  Free state of Congo  (The Congo Free State was a private kingdom owned by Leopold II of Belgium  between about 1877 and 1908), Antarctica is not yet explored , that point to  early 1880's.  The condition is  very good for a piece of this age.H.23 with stand , the globe is bigger than an 12" American size .The base is in the manner of Violet Leduc a designer of the Second Empire . 

Size: globe D. 12 inches , H.23 , overall good conditionwith original shellac varnish finish