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Alphonse WOGUE and his partner G. LEVY were game publishers at the end of the 19th century, under the brand AW & G.L., Until the regrouping of their company with others under the name " Les Jeux et Jouets Français (JJF)"in 1904. The two partners were co-founders with Mr. Pean in 1884 of the French Union of Toy Manufacturers and Articles of Paris, embryo of the Chambre Syndicale of toy and game manufacturers of which they will be member n ° 2 ..The illustration of the front is a Chromolithography , which  a unique method for making multi-colour prints. This type of colour printing stemmed from the process of lithography . Chromolithography became the most successful of several methods of colour printing developed by the 19th century , placing this set late 1800  .The political geography of the different map is also from the  1880/1900 , set forming 3  puzzle maps of the world, Europe,  Africa, France .

Overall good condition , size 13 x 9.5 x 1. ( box ) inches

Charles Verneau A.W.G.L. ( WOGUE et LEVY ) Atlas puzzle set, late 19th Century

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