French Copernican armillary sphere, made of brass and other metals and raised on an ebonized wood stand. It has various representations of the sun, the earth and moon,  six  planets (  before 1846 since Uranus is not  included ) , there is only 6 planes in the  original Copernicus system. It was produced by Felix Delamarche in collaboration with Charles Dien , a french astronomer and cosmographer Charles Dien published detailed atlases, works on astronomy, and both celestial and terrestrial globes in Paris throughout the 18340's and 1850's. 

H.15 in  x D. 9in , cleaned , good conditiuon , the moving mecanisn around the sun is in working condition , small printed gores on the earth .

French Copernican Armillary Sphere Brass Charles Dien 1830