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 JC BISSERY, editor J LAURENT editeur Migration Art TAPESTRY  mecanical point, hand signed by the artist and the publisher,  Bissery is associated on an equal footing with  Picart-Ledoux. Both were professors at the National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson. Picart-Ledoux (1902-1982) is an internationally renowned painter and cartoonist, like Lurçat, of whom he was the successor. Bissery reflect the more abstract tendancy of the late 1970's , while the suject is natural ( birds migration ) the treatment is almost mechanical.

This mechanical weaving was invented by Jacquard 

Joseph Marie Charles dit Jacquard, born July 7, 1752 in Lyon, died August 7, 1834 in Oullins, is a French inventor, to whom we owe the programmable mechanical loom known as Jacquard loom.

36.5 x 77.5 

Bissery mid century wool tapestry modernist " migration of birds" Jacquard

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