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French scales of this type were used in stores for weighing produce.  Joseph Béranger (1802-1870) was a balance maker in Lyons, France, who, in 1847, introduced a balance mechanism that was similar to the Roberval design, but more robust , ebony box with marble top. The inscriptions on the front read “USINES DE LA MULATIERE A MAISON BERANGER” and “LYONS.” .Béranger balances were displayed at the London Crystal Palace exhibition of 1851, and the New York Crystal Palace exhibition of 1853. A scale like this can be used again today or simply placed as a unique French antique decorative accessory.

CONDITION: Very good condition with minor rubs and rust , old restoration of the marble piece.

size H 8 x W.5 x L.16

Antique French balance maison Beranger la Mulatiere 19th.

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