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This 6 inches globe was edited  by the American maker WEBER COSTELLO of Chicago ( a school supplies company) .Weber Costello & Co., was a major school supply company that sold a large variety of globes from about 1907 to the early 1970s. The company was the successor to the 19th century firm A.H. Andrews & Co. and was called C.F. Weber & Co. for several years around the turn of the century before being renamed Weber Costello. For its terrestrial globes, the company used a variety of globe gores, some imported, and some manufactured in the United States. They also supplied globes to other school supply companies.

( presence of Manchukuo ,Manchuria Japanese occupied ,Austria not yet annexed to Germany )
Size: globe D. 6 inches , H.12, overall fair condition with some oxidation of the paper , browning some of the color but still readable 


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