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Designed by Jean-René Talopp in the early 1970's for the MANADE office accessories collection. Composed of eleven products, it was distributed by office furniture manufacturers, a network of wholesalers supplying resellers and mail-order operators. The objects in this collection met with immense success and became part of office design history.

"For the record, it was initially to test a new expansive plastic material for which lacked an appropriate mould. An object had to be found to conduct these tests. An engineer designed a mail tray with thick walls, after which a provisional aluminium mould was made. The first injected trays obtained were painted in assorted bright colours. They naturally blended into the Group's offices. Receptive to the interest shown by visitors, especially office furniture suppliers, in these simple tests, the Group decided to launch the design, production and marketing of a collection of office accessories”

Head and arm adjustable, original condition.

H.20 in.

Reflector 6 3/4 x 10 in.

base 9 3/4 x 8 in.

Rewired with US plug, socket US compliant


1970's FRENCH DESIGN - Talopp Vintage Office Desk Lamp brown tabaco

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