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14 inches French globe is a "Forest " with an address in Paris , 17 rue de Buci , this company was a School supply company at the turn of the 19th. century which disappeared in the early 20th.century The base is ebonized wood ,the globe is plastered ball with 12 colored lithographed paper gore, political boundaries , red outline, showing railway , track , telegraph cable route , steamship navigation tracks , ocean currents and even terrestrial caravan. You can find the traveling time on the steamship lines and caravan , listed by company and harbor of departure. There is a restoration of a crack in the Pacific , another in Russia (see picture). I checked the countries :no Manchukuo in China (1932), Constantinople in Turkey , Lithuania has the territory prior to the 1923 annexing from Poland but Leningrad is listed ( 1924 ) meaning a 1924 or 1925 printing date. Overall a very decorative globe with an historic value. The condition is good for a piece of this age , the color well preserved with a fresh look . Note that the 1920's were a time of sweeping change making globes of this era particularly interesting .Very little between 1880 and 1920 in the distribution of the borders , after I WW most of the empires and kingdoms disappeared creating a new world which is still trying to come to term with those changes .The size of the base is unusual , it makes it easier the read the globe when it is standing on a table .I posted a large file at the bottom for you to scroll .
Size 32 inches or 80 centimeters , 14 inches globe or 35 centimeters


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