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This french  graphoscope is a 19th-century device used in parlors in order to enhance the viewing of photographs and text. The graphoscope is supposed to be based on a 1864 patent of Charles John Rowsell.These novelty items consisted of a single magnifying glass, often in a wooden frame, in an overall construction that could collapse into a compact rectangular form. A photo/card holder was usually also included. Many devices combined a Stereoscope and Graphoscope.

The 2 set of lenses allow you to view both normal and stereoscopic images and photographs.

Good condition , burr veneer finish with stringing , 5.5 x 2.5 x 9 in closed 

We have different stereoscopic view for possible purchase to complete this piece , the optique view are only for display purpose .

I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 if you want more info , for shipping outside the US please contact me for pricing and condition

19 th .French Graphoscope stereoscope

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