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Lebegue terrestrial globe with  cast iron base featuring an inusual large size ,   This 17 inches French globe has "Lebegue and Cie " on its tag , Paris (J. LEBEGUE & CIE / EDITES. / 25, rue de Lille, / PARIS) , E.Dubail was the editor  ,the globe is plastered ball with 12 colored lithographed paper gores, political boundaries colored in outline, showing railway , track , telegraph cable route , steamship navigation tracks ocean currents and floating algae .There is the name of the native American tribes on the US territory . Overall fresh color .  Presence of Free state of Congo which   was a private kingdom owned by Leopold II of Belgium between about 1877 and 1908), Antarctica is not yet explored , that point to early 1880's.European interests and colonial areas coloured according to French, Ottoman, Spanish, British and German control , including country still under African native governement .

In the  oceans  it shows the principal steamship trading routes  from France and the rest of the world , including the price and timing  meaning it was actually a working globe to organise shipping and business .

The condition is good for a piece of this age with its original french finish.

The globe is bigger than an 16" American size .The base is in the manner of Violet Leduc a designer of the Second Empire .

Size: globe D. 17inches , H.26  , overall good condition  some crack  in southern China with touch up , oxidation on some part and foxing  .Overall the globe is readable with all of its decorative value preserved. Some small stabilized crack over the label and some line over Africa .

If you seek further information, you can reach me at 310 994 6009 , for those looking to have it shipped abroad, do  contact for a personalized quote on pricing.




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