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This 14 inches French globe  was published by Thury & Belnet/ Geographers/ Dijon  and  distributed by  Guillemin et Delmont .The process used to print the globe with 3D effect is still unknown to this  day ,the heliogravure printing recent invention versus dry etching of cooper  plate made possible the production of globe on a larger scale.An  innovative and unusual globe, the map surface physically in raised relief  showing relative mountain heights.  . Alaska  referred to as Amerique Russe (indicated a date before 1867)  Lake Victoria is not yet discovered  in Africa ( 1857), the Lake Tanganyika  is present while apparently not well positioned  (1856 ).The Paris meridian  is still present not having been replaced by the Greenwich meridian (1884).A  great opportunity to acquire a truthfully rare example of mounted terrestrial  globe with a unique cachet . The Horizon band and base  is a traditional Felix Delamarche  mount with the red trim  indicating   some form of collaboration with Gosselin who succeeded him  in  1848 . 


Size:   globe D. 14 inches , H.24 ,  overall  good condition  ,the white indentify the high point of montains , all of the map , name and printing are clear and  readable ,If you seek further information, you can reach me at 310 994 6009 , for those looking to have it shipped abroad, do contact for a personalized quote on pricing.


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