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1858 LARGE FRENCH ANTIQUE MAP OF PARIS  Vuillemin on linen backing

large French map of Paris circa 1858 edited by “Chez A. Bes et F. Dubreuil, editeurs-imprimeurs ”,  Alexandre Vuillemin (1812-1880) was a prominent 19th century French cartographer and editor based in Paris. He produced a number of atlases, and his maps are noted for the frequent use of extensive margin illustrations – vignettes, famous people, and views of cities.This map feature the old fortification named Thiers fortification ,the Thiers wall (Enceinte de Thiers) was the last of the defensive walls of Paris. It was an enclosure constructed between 1841 and 1846 and was proposed by the French prime minister Adolphe Thiers but was actually implemented by his successor. Today it became what is know as the "Boulevard Périphérique " or freeway after it was eradicated in 1919 .The work of "urban renovation " of the Baron Haussmann was not started ( 1853 -1870)so most of medieval neighborhoods are still in place. The future renovation is indicated by red lines tracing .

 "Nouveau plan complet de Paris avec ses fortifications : divisé en 12 arrondissements & 48 sections avec les principaux monuments en elévation, donnant la distance légale en mètres des forts détachés aux murs d'enceinte & aux murs d'octroi : indiquant la population & les fêtes patronales des environs de Paris "

Translation : New complete plan of Paris with its fortifications: divided into 12 districts & 48 sections with the main monuments in elevation, giving the legal distance in meters from the detached forts to the enclosure walls & grant walls: indicating the population & festivals employers around Paris

Size: H.30 x L.40 , overall good condition but not pristine , would make a great statement framed .I guaranty my Antiques to be original , you can  call me at the store  for inquiries and question 310 994 6009  .

1858 LARGE FRENCH ANTIQUE MAP OF PARIS Dubreuil Vuillemin on linen backing

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