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DIEN, Charles, Paris, 1844
A fine and rare 10-inch diameter celestial globe CH. DIEN , overall the globe is readable with all of its decorative value preserved. (1st quarter 19th century). This globe was published in the 1840's, it is part of the last lineage of the famous French map maker Delamarche of the 18th century , globe making was not just a luxury item but was becoming a household item for the upper middle cast. It is engraved from a cooper or metal plate .Charles Dien was first an engraver for Delamarche where he was renowned for the sophisticated engravings he designed for the many books produced by his father's publishing house Delamarche. At a later date he became an astronomer and cosmographer, published planetariums, terrestrial and celestial globes but also several astronomical atlases. Charles Dien, made globes, mainly between 1840 and 1850 . Texas is still an independent republic as seem with the fading red watercolor lining its border .The continents with the coastline outlined delicately in blue and showing rivers, mountains, towns, cities and the Great Wall of China (, some discoloration and oxidation of the old varnish) with stamped brass meridian circle. Presence of Amerique Russe , overall the globe is readable with all of its decorative value preserved.

Size: globe D. 10 inches , H.23 , overall good condition some oxidation  some light touch up , all map readable .

It could be coupled with the armillary from Delamarche ( purchase separately on another posting )


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