DIEN, Charles, Paris, 1849
A fine and rare quartet of 10-inch diameter terrestrial NOUVELLE ÉDITION Par CH. DIEN MÉDAILLE D'ARGENT Revu en 1849 SAURET-ANDRIVEAU Successeurs Rue des Beaux Arts, 8. made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores and two polar calottes, the northern printed with an hour dial, the equatorial graduated in degrees and hours, the meridian of Paris graduated in degrees, on the oceans with a note near Peru :in French " N.a Les Signes et Degrés du Zodiaque comme les jours des mois gravés à l'Ecliptique donnent immédiatement et plus exactement la déclinasion du Soleil, qu'en la cherchant l'horizon où ils deviennent alors inutiles "; Translation : "N.a The Signs and Degrees of the Zodiac, like the days of the months engraved on the Ecliptic, give immediately and more exactly the decline of the Sun, than by looking for it for the horizon where they then become useless ".The continents with the coastline outlined delicately in blue and showing rivers, mountains, towns, cities and the Great Wall of China (, some discoloration and oxidation of the old varnish) with stamped brass meridian circle. Presence of Amerique Russe , overall the globe is readable with all of its decorative value preserved.

Size: globe D. 10 inches , H.18 , overall good condition some oxidation


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