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The typology of Spanish/Italian  playing cards is fascinating, with regional gaming traditions resulting in a wide variety of designs, even today. Black proof sheet or unfinished print , printed on paper  is what a deck of 40  playing cards looks like before it is cut into individual cards. The artwork is 19th century in origin, itself drawing on much older traditions stretching back to the 14th century.The Italian swords and clubs are often interlaced, whereas the Spanish ones are separated. The interlacing comes from the traditional tarot suit arrangements, though not all Italian regional patterns have this feature.

Jean-Baptiste Camoin, born on November 25, 1819, in Marseille and died in the same city on September 16, 1886, was a playing card manufacturer specialized in the production of Marseille tarot decks and playing card .At a later date this company became part of the Grimaud company .

Size 25  x 19 , good condition , black ink, some oxidation of paper ,suitable for framing .

If you seek further information, you can reach me at 310 994 6009 , for those looking to have it shipped abroad, do  contact for a personalized quote on pricing.






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