Original educational history poster for elementary school, printed by the Imprimerie Georges Lang. Carries a vibrant offset print on both sides of the paper. This features No. 20 and 24 from the Tableaux D'Histoire pour le Cours Elementaire series; "Richelieu Dans Son Bureau" and "Premiere Reunion des Etats-Generaux", showing iconic figures and scenes from French history; No. 20 depicts Cardinal Richelieu - enemy of The Three Musketeers, and No. 24 shows the Estates-General of 1789, adaptated from Auguste Couder's defintive painting, "Opening session of the General Assembly, 5 May 1789"


Widely used in schools because of their large format and their colorful imagery. Aided teachers in their lectures and captured the imaginations of students alike. 


Size 30 x 22 inches, cardstock, double-sided, some wear from use.

Vintage History School Poster, Georges Lang (No. 20 & 24) - Double-Sided