Original school poster from the 1960s, published by the French company Rossignol. Carries a beautiful print on each side of the paper. This features No. 23 and 24 from the Tableaux D'Histoire C.E. series; "Louis XI et Charles le Temeraire" and "Louis XI a Plesis-les-Tours", which depict historic moments from the life of Louis XI; his meeting with his nemesis, Charles the Bold at Peronne in 1468, where Louis was held prisoner, and a depiction of Louis at his castle Plessis-Les-Tours, where he infamously held his own prisoners captive in small iron cages hung from the ceiling. 


Widely used in schools because of their large format and their colorful imagery. Aided teachers in their lectures and captured the imaginations of students alike. 


Size 30 x 22 inches, cardstock, double-sided, some wear from use.

Vintage History School Poster, Collection Rossignol (No. 23 & 24) - Double-Sided