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Founded in February 1847, the Cristallerie de Pantin was the first glassworks installed in the city, at 84 rue de Paris (now avenue Jean-Lolive). In 1862, the factory developed considerably: it employed around 400 people and became the 5th crystal factory in France. Its products are recognized for their quality during the industrial exhibition of 1878. The artistic character of its production is accentuated with the arrival around 1907 of Camille Tutré de Varreux, new artistic director, who will sign "de Vez". He introduces the beautiful collection of “Glass Landscapes” characterized by a variety of motifs and a sharpness of design that brings them closer to painting. After the war, the business declined and was put up for sale in November 1931.

H.10 top D.4.5 in 

French Art deco Vase verrerie de Clichy Pantin

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