Small Diptyque pocket sundial in wood and polychrome paper. Working compass with "North, East, South, West" suggesting it is of German origin, attributed to David BERINGER (1777-1821) . At the end of the 18th century, David Beringer, a descendant of a French emigrant family, produced large quantities of diptychs consisting of two boards covered with printed paper. His workshop was  located in Cologne.The Beringer polyhedral also posting on my site has the same distintive decorative motive and design.

Size 3.1/4 in x 2 in x D.3/4 in , overall good condition , the string needs to reattached , some crising of the paper .

I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 if you want more info , for shipping outside the US please contact me for pricing and condition .



Wood and paper Cadran solaire diptyque pocket sundial 18th Berenger