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Tizio is not only a masterpiece of Artemide collection but also an icon of Italian design. 

Designed 50 years ago, it is still absolutely contemporary also thanks to a new integrated LED source. 

An elegant synthesis of intelligent components elaborated by Richard Sapper has created a timeless product. 

"When we presented it, there was nothing like it on the market, it was revolutionary. Tizio is beautiful in any different position, it is a harmonious object in all its parts, you move it with one hand and it is always extremely precise. It is not that we don't change anything over the years because we can't, we don't change anything because that's the way it is." 

Ernesto Gismondi, 2014 

The arms themselves conduct electricity to the bulb, eliminating the need for extraneous wires and facilitating the precise balance of the arm. The lamp features a halogen bulb, marking one of the first uses of this type of light outside the automobile industry. Directed by its small reflector, the halogen bulb provides a highly concentrated, direct light source, which can be easily adjusted to suit the user.

4 1/4 in. × 30 in. × 30 in. (10.8 × 76.2 × 76.2 cm) 

If you seek further information, you can reach me at 310 994 6009 , for those looking to have it shipped abroad, do  contact for a personalized quote on pricing.


Tizio vintage Artemis desk lamp

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