This work was engraved by Pierre Picault Blesensis  ( Pierre Picault, French 1680 - 1711 ) who was a pupil of Gerard Audram. It was inspired by the works of  the great master Jacques Callot, changing the dimensions (Callot's is 460 x 360 vs. 510 x 700 for Picault .

The Temptation of Saint Anthony is the title of many works dealing with the theme of the temptation of Antony the Great: this saint, retired in the desert of Egypt, undergoes the temptation of the Devil there in the form of visions of earthly pleasures. Saint Anthony supported Saint Athanasius in his fight against the Arians and the latter wrote after his death a Vita Antonii, which is the starting point of the legend: Saint Athanasius relates indeed the temptations of the Devil who appears himself or sends ferocious animals to the hermit that assail him

The engraving was folded on a back without  mat , it is still present on the board . I have the original frame in case you are interested I can be reach at the 310 994 6009 .

27. 1/4 x 21 .1/4


18th c Pierre Picault engraving of Temptation of St. Anthony from Callot