Small  terrestrial globe from the late  1840 to mid 1850  ( Tasmania present : 1846 – Van Dieman’s Land becomes Tasmania , Amerique Russe ,Africa apparently unexplored ). 

Pierre LAPIE (1779-1850) was a colonel in the army before becoming the cartographer we know. With great know-how, recognized by his peers after having worked in the body of geographic engineers, he became the "first royal geographer" and "director of the topography cabinet". He is the father of the cartographer Alexandre Emile LAPIE. Father and son worked closely together without denying their personal work. Bastien AÎNE edited numerous globes from 1820 to 1868, including those of the cartographers FREMIN and LAPIE father and son. He marketed them in his store under the sign of the "Compas d'Uranie" rue Saint-André-des-Arts, in the Latin Quarter in Paris.

H. & inches x D.( globe ) 2.5 inches ( 6 cm )  , scarce globe in good condition , some small damage to the paper but overall land mass complete .Bastien Ainer publisherd globe and masp for a short time.

Small French terrestrial globe Lapie geographer Bastien Aine publisher 1850