Rigobert Bonne  (6 October 1727 – 2 September 1794) work represents an important step in the evolution of the cartographic ideology away from the decorative work of the 17th and early 18th century towards a more detail oriented and practical aesthetic. Printed in 1773, on the cusp of the American Revolutionary War, this is Bonne's important map of Louisiana and the British claims in North America. Covers from the Grand Banks south to Florida and westward as far as Mexico and Texas. Shows the British holdings in America at their fullest extent. Following the French and Indian War, the British laid claims to all of Canada and the entire Great Lakes region. France maintained its hold on the territory west of the Mississippi River to New Mexico. This map is extremely rich in detail offering and naming countless American Indian settlements and villages.Southern Florida is drawn as an archipelago in an early attempt to depict the Everglades.

25 x 17 3/4inches , good condition 

Rigobert Bonne map of North america 1773 Louisiana and the British claims