Subway map with subway  lines edited by Tarride circa 1930 , The Taride publishing house was created in 1852 by Alphonse Taride who was one of the first to make road, tourist and school maps and a plan of Paris by arrondissements.The Taride maps were published until the years 1970-1975, as well as the Terrestrial Globes; after an association with Hachette for the edition of a road guide, the Maison Taride closes its doors and enters history. This one was printed during the "exposition colonial " of 1931 as indicated on the map.

Very colorfull and attractive original print , few are left due to their utilitarian destination .

H.19 x W.24 , good condition , some restoration with archival tape on the back , suitable for framing .

Paris French subway plan 1931 exposition coloniale