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Made in the early 1930's in France this piece has base motive " swan like"   which is reminding of LELEU or DOMINIQUE .It was said about French Art deco  that : ...the absence  of ornaments are  replaced with the choice of magnificent materiel and  outstanding proportion ...  Most likely it is one of a kind because such  details were rarely mass produced .Those are perfect next to a club chair or as  occasional table .The detailing is indicative of a good provenance  , the mounting  of the legs is something you do not find anymore in our cost saving era .The  body is solid maple with  walnut  top veneer superior to newer cut of  wood.          

 Size  H.29 in  x D.29 in   in good antique condition ,recently refinished   I guaranty my Antiques to be original,  shipping will be done by truck or UPS depending on size. You can call me at  the 310 994 6009 if you need more info  .CAUTION : I  sell antiques so  expect a normal tear and wear to show even if all my pieces are refinished .


French art deco Octagon Table leleu manner

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