Interesting large mid-century pottery from France Accolay , It is in Accolay, along the Canal du Nivernais where river jousts enliven the beautiful days for a long time, nestled on the edge of the round Cure, that was played half a century ago one of the most penetrating parts of the history of French craftsmanship .The Accolay potter were a group of artist similar to the Vallauris group made famous by Picasso , experimenting to produce artistic pieces for everyday use . This production center was created by four former students of Alexander Kostanda1.Active from 1945 to 1983, their pottery is distinguished by a great technical inventiveness .The series is named the " gauloise "  or " Gitanes " in reference to the eponimous color blue du paquet de cigarette Gauloises and Gitanes   .

Size H.16x 7.5 , good antique condition .Signed at the bottom , can be made in a lamp.

Mid CENTURY French pottery Accolay ceramic Vallauris Kostanda