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 no one known if Raymonde Leduc had copied Capron, or that Capron had "pumped" Raymonde Leduc, using plants to decorate ceramics. The truth is, this process was not new back then  ... ("There is only new what has been forgotten").

"Raymonde Leduc worked for a long time at Cerenne, then created a large" All Tiles "factory in the industrial zone of Vallauris. She produced many" Bruyère "decorations on tiles or shaped pieces. For this decoration, small sheets had to be inserted, or twigs in the still fresh clay, then remove them delicately; these foliage could sometimes be used again. Talented gas oven cooker, his partner Joseph Campo succeeded with marvelous cooking in reduction of copper red, the most difficult, but also the most beautiful of ceramic reds.

This set can be used as vase or as container , there are cover included .

H 8 xW.4 , H6 x W.4


Mid century French imprinted with plants Raymonde Leduc Vallauris

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