The firm of Mauclair-Dacier, located on 5 rue Haudriette in Paris (with a factory on 148 avenue Daumesnil), specialized in manufacturing and selling toys and games. It was active from the 1880s until it was acquired by the firm of Les Jeux Réunis in 1904.L'Assaut, also called Citadelle, Assault Game or Citadel Game appeared in France in the 18th century, and is descended from a Scandinavian game of the 14th century. The game board is based on the game The Fox and the Hens , the subject is the french Madagascar campaign, MD game illustrated by Ludovic, ( France  annexed Madagascar by force during the late 19th ).

Board and pieces in good condition , complete , fresh color , some stain and usure on the cover .

 Size of d board open 16 x 16  in , box  11.1/2 5 in  x   8.3/4 in   

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Mauclair-Dacier French game 1880 Citadel Game Jeu de l'assault