Very little is known about Ikelmer beside the fact he produced Globe during the second half of the 19th. This one was drawn by R. Barbot , I found another label which seems to indicate that Lebegue bought Ikelmer or used the same cartography R. Barbot starting around 1880. Ikelmer  label clearly indicated they were  editing and making school supplies. The printing is really nice and well done , this type of globe belong to the tradition of globe making of the 19th century : 12 full gores on a solid ball of plaster .It was destined to be the teacher demonstration  large globe in the classroom while student would look at a smaller version  ( as seen in the picture of the smaller globe ).

There are a couple of stabilized restored crack around the label , a line in africa , overall good readable condition.

H.41 x  Diameter 28 inches .

Large French Ikelmer terrestrial globe 28 inches 1880