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This tapestry depicts a peaceful forest scene and is called a "Verdure" tapestry because it showcases lush foliage. These types of tapestries were highly valued for their beauty in the 17th century. They often portrayed serene country life in nature.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, "Verdure" tapestries were popular, featuring forested landscapes, reflecting people's interest in botanical themes at that time. Another style, called "Aristolochia" or "large leaves," emerged during the Renaissance, depicting animals and birds surrounded by abundant foliage.

This particular tapestry is a 19th-century mechanical weaving, but despite being produced mechanically, it still carries an artisanal feel distinct from modern prints.

The size of this tapestry is H.108.5 x W.105 in, and it is in good condition with a hook on the back for easy hanging.

For shipping inquiries involving trucking, please contact me directly at the store at 310-994-6009. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination.

Large French verdure forest Jacquard weaving 19th. Aubusson

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